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UUDynamics aims to build a global network of service providers to bring a suite of first-class value added services to customers.  Services such as Blackbery and GoToMyPC have established thier respective niches, but UUDynamics' iSTAR offers a feature set inclusive and greater than either of these.  Moreover iSTAR is a robust and flexible solution that can ease the convergence of IP and Telecom services.    

iSTAR is the clear choice for Service Providers seeking to offer a wider variety of services, including remote access, secure email, SIP integration and more, to customers using either computers or mobile devices.

Based on our field proven enterprise products, we have created the UUExpress line of products specifically to meet the needs of service providers.   They have a condensed feature set to reduce maintenance and support requirements.  They are designed to be easily and quickly deployed while also offering the following advantages:
  • Account Based Services

    iSTAR services are designed to be offered on a per-account basis and integrate easily with existing billing systems.  Accounts can be controlled individually for service subscriptions as well as bandwidth usage.

  • Unmatched Scalability

    iSTAR's unique architecture sheds dependence on public IP addresses.  In addition, deployment is simple and requires no alteration of firewalls or network placement, without making any sacrifices in security.  This makes deployment extremely simple and cost effective.

  • Route Optimization Technology

    Using a distributed network of UURelays offers numerous benefits.  Only iSTAR allows you to take some control of routing over public internet. This allows deployment of latency-sensitive applications to areas not covered by leased lines.  Furthermore, placing UURelays globally enables worldwide access and coverage for subscriber services.  

  • Most Comprehensive Feature Set

    iSTAR enables users on generic handsets to take advantage of a host of valuable services including mobile email (akin to Blackberry), remote desktop control (similar to GoToMyPC), and other popular client/server applications, all under a single architecture with a competitive pricing structure.  

  • True end-to-end connectivity

    iSTAR is a truly end-to-end security product.  Communications are secured from the remote user to the CPE with no gaps in between, independent of what platform and where the remote user is connecting from.  This seamless secure connection achieves a degree of security for end users unattainable through alternative architectures.  Our approach can further enhance the service level offered to customers seeking a higher level of security.  
Through our existing partnerships we have proven our technology and developed the expertise to offer complete and customized solutions for Service Providers and their specific requirements.

If you have more questions or are interested in partnering with UUDynamics, please contact us at

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