iSTAR Introduction
iSTAR Appliances
  The UU1000 is iSTAR's midrange SSL appliance. Each UU1000 can support up to 1000 concurrent users.

iSTAR is a clientless high security VPN solution with flexibility unsurpassed by older SSL VPN or IPSec alternatives. Ease of use and application support is unmatched and when deployed with a UUCentral, the iSTAR Enterprise family of products offers linear scalability, drastically reducing the need for extra resources spent on deployment and support.

The UU1000 offers simple clientless access to almost any remote application or service - while maintaining a high level of security. This is achieved through use of industry-standard authentication infrastructures and a dynamic, policy based, access control system.

By using iSTAR's teleporting technology, remote users can access web applications, client/server applications, terminal services, file sharing and more, without needing any additional configuration or special training.

Device placement is simple with iSTAR products and there is no need for special reconfiguration of existing network or firewall settings. iSTAR devices can easily coexist with whatever existing network configuration already in place.

For more information about UUPublishers including the UU1000, please see the datasheets, as well as the whitepapers on iSTAR, available in documents.

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